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Re: More Tonal Theory: Arppegiators/Accent/Melody

Hi folks

aaah, MOLT ('modes of limited transposition') one of my favorite 
topics,nice :-))
Anyone have more good resources on MOLT?

Some more suggestions for pitch shifting, try things like:

- Halftone/Wholetone Scale (+2HT/1HT alternating)
so that would be +1/+2 halftones alternating. I.E. C-D-Eb-F-Gb-Ab-B-C

- Circle of Fifths (+4HT/+3HT alternating)
For example, +4HT/+3HT/ alternating. i.e. C-E-G-B-D-F#-A-C#-E-...
When you take intervals that add up to 7 Half-Tones = a fifth, you will 
get harmonies progressing as fifths (or fourths if you like). in this case 

- Feedback level / delay volume
The further you get from your basic pitch, the lower the volume. So, when 
your variations get weirder, they became silent, barely audible - nice 

best regards

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