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Re: parallels (was RE: anti-looper bigots)

... in very ancient times (dinousars were alive) also direct 4ths
should be avoided, previously preparing one of both notes ...

2009/8/6, kkissinger@kevinkissinger.com <kkissinger@kevinkissinger.com>:
> Quoting Tony K <bigtonyk@gmail.com>:
>>> Popular songs such as "Iron Man" and "Smoke on the Water" derive their
>>> sound from parallel fifths.
>> I know I'm being picky here... but.  Smoke on the Water is parallel
>> 4ths.  I saw an interview with Ritchie where he discussed how often
>> that riff is played wrong (in 5ths) and that 4ths give it an 'evil'
>> sound.
> Thanks for mentioning this... I wasn't aware of this.
> According to Hindemith's system, the top note of a 4th would be the
> root -- so the P4 could be regarded as an inverted 5th.  I'll have to
> listen to this again -- intermodulation distortion would create a
> pitch a fifth below the bottom note of a 4th -- is it possible that we
> hear the root below the P4th even though the performer doesn't play it?
> -- Kevin

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