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Re: Convolution and software loopers: HW specs

van Sinn schrieb:
> For running convolution/impulse software, not for reverbs but for 
> amp/cab/mic/room emulation for DI operations, and simultaneously running 
> a software looper, I need the per-application min. HW requirements:
> . cpu speed for single core
> . cpu speed for dual core
> . memory size (I believe memory bus speed is fairly irrerevant)
> Anyone tried convolution on an Atom cpu?  Single- or dual-core?

I didn't try an Atom, but if you don't need reverb, convolution for amps 
etc. shouldn't be expensive CPU wise. There is a buffir~ external in the 
standard Max/MSP distribution, which is limited to 256 samples, which is 
roughly 5.8 ms. (Not enough for room emulation, but that is reverb!)
If you build the looper in Max, it should be possible to run it on an 
Atom. The memory size you need is completely determined by the duration 
of your loops. In Max you need 10 Mb per minute, as it will store audio 
in 32-bit floating point precision in memory. I had 9 times 90 seconds 
on a 500 MHz PPC Powerbook with 512 MB memory running. Atoms come with 
1.6 GHz and 1 GB memory nowadays.
If you are capable of installing OS X on a MiniITX, it should be a snap 
to build a looper in Max...;-)


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