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Re: testing, testing, is this thing on?

I'm afraid the Lopers Delight list automatically rejects messages with  

It's always been that way since the beginning in 1996.

Store your MP3 online somewhere and point folks there with a link.

That's the best way to share your music.

On Aug 8, 2009, at 2:21 PM, Jeremy devros wrote:

> OK, Loopers,
> -I tried to send out an e-mail earlier w/ an attached mp3 for  
> everyone's listening annoyance and for some reason it does not want  
> to go through.
> Perhaps, as in The Hitch-Hikers Guide, the machines now want a part  
> in the decision-making process...
> Any ideas why this might happen?
> J.D.Devros
> deafrose58
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