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Re: Henry Kaiser Solo CD

Someone was telling me, maybe you Rick? that Kaiser has been experimenting 
wiht a new technique of playing, where what he played was not directly 
intentional or completely a product of direct consciousness. . I guess he 
was experimeting by talking or doing other things while he was playing the 
guitar, so that it lessened the intentionality of his playing, thereby 
making it more random and new.  Did you hear this too? It is as if he were 
distancing himself from the guitar and letting this body play.   Maybe it 
was someone at BCIMF who told me.


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>I woke up feeling kind of blue this morning;  quarantined for a few days
> with a nasty
> roto virus that my wife and I caught (not swine flu, thank god),  sealed
> inside the house
> because the Lockheed Fire smoke is so bad in Santa Cruz now..... with big
> industrial HEPA filter
> fans on high (I'm sooooo sick of the sound of those fans on high).
> I got up, made a too strong cup of coffee and put Henry Kaiser's new solo
> guitar
> improvisation CD on.
> I'm listening to the title track right now and it is just beautiful and
> awe inspiring.
> It makes me want to throw away all of my instruments and only play
> electric guitar
> for the rest of my life.
> Called 'where endless meets disappearing',  this long droning track is
> just beautiful:
> abstract, melodic,  fractured,  soothing.   It has it all and if any of
> you were fortunate
> to have caught Henry's exquisite solo set at the loop festival last year,
> it is along
> the lines of things he played to his beautiful and serene underwater
> photography
> from under the Antarctic ice caps as a professional diver.
> I can imagine being underwater listening to this music.
> In the liner notes, he calls this opus,  ".....a concept album about the
> intersection of different
> personal practise and their attached intimacies."
> You get this concept viscerally, just listening to the playing.
> It just made me completely forget about my small woes and makes me want 
> start
> plugging gear in and using it in new, undiscovered ways.
> That's a pretty damn good recommendation for any music, I suppose.
> A beautiful and thought provoking record.  I highly recommend it if you
> are in search of
> either beauty or musical inspiration.
> rick walker