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Re: ECM guitarists?

You got Terje, who is out of this world, but you MUST get everything from John Abercrombie on ECM. He is probably my all time favorite guitarist, so much so, that I had to stop listening to him, because people were starting to make comments about similarities.
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Sent: Thursday, August 20, 2009 12:54 PM
Subject: ? RE: ECM guitarists?

yesterday i was listening to david torn's "best laid plans" cd from the ECM label (which i love that disc-love the interplay between improvising guitarist & percussionist), and was wondering if ECM had any other "out there guitarists" on their label (and i know, "out there" is a loaded word, i supposed i could use "adventurous", i didn't really want to use "experiemental" b/c of that debate on the L-D site a few months ago, but i'm sure you know what i mean.....), or perhaps i should use the term "guitarists who are interested in interesting sounds that are generated from their guitars that aren't run of the mill sounding (and again, more loaded terms there, that could be debated FO-ever)"...whatever...

i have looked a few times at the ECM website, and the list of artists is huge, and i didn't know where to begin, just wondered if there were some other guitarists on there that others on the L-D site could recommend....
was just curious...
thanks, happy looping....