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Re: Samples and looping

On 26 Aug 2009, at 10:27, Louigi Verona wrote:

> So I see. Interesting.
> Well, I do looping in real time as well, but I do not record in real  
> time - at least, not yet. There are a lot of things which I find  
> interesting in manipulating recorded sound. What I personally do not  
> like about overdub looping at the moment is that the only possible  
> thing here is a build up.

I never heard "overdub looping"... but yes, I dont like the build-only  
style very much either, it only serves for a hymn from time to time :-)

but we had many discussions here about how to evolve a loop, listen to  
my pieces, the often end totally different from the start, I reduce  
Feedback for this, others use Replace, several loops...

> You record the first loop and as you record other loops over, this  
> first loop will repeat and repeat and repeat. It is very difficult  
> to make the arrangement varied.

some of the tools dont help for this really

> And you get a lot of lines which are there looped for too long a time.

or just loop a few layers and play a lot? :-)