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Re: MIDI foot controllers

So, why are these things all so expensive? I know. I know. Small market.

What I really want is something in roughly the form factor of the  
Line6 M13 with something like the Looperlative built in.

Short of that, I'm looking for a controller in that form factor and  
the Looperlative will get to live in the then necessary rack. But the  
controller choices seem to be either outrageously pricey or severely  
crippled (Ground Control Pro, I'm looking at you).


On Sep 2, 2009, at 8:27 AM, Jeff Shirkey wrote:

> Just thought I'd mention the Liquid Foot Pro Jr. in case people  
> weren't aware of its existence.
> http://www.liquid-foot.com/products.shtml
> Jeff