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Re: Which loop machine?

You could try out SooperLooper or Mobius, free programs, if you have a midi device to trigger looping from (a few electronic drum pads would work for that, most guitarists use a footpedal). With either of these programs, you should run them as standalone and use something like the (also free) Jack audio routing system to get audio from logic and back. SooperLooper at least can be used as a plugin, but Logic 8 has trouble dealing with plugins that generate clocks (although this may not be true if you don't try to have logic sync to external clocks).

I'm a big devotee of laptop looping, some others here would advise a hw device as you're proposing.

On Fri, Sep 4, 2009 at 10:30 AM, Tim Watson <timwatsontim@googlemail.com> wrote:
I am new to this. I am predominantly a percussionist, with some gguitar skills and some voice skills. I would like to launch into looping, with a view to performing live and also song building in Logic 8 express on a mac.
I am confronted with:
1. Digitech Jamman
2. Boomerang +
3. Electro-harmonix 2880 super
These date to 2006...are there any newer models out which improve or combine facets of the above 3 main contenders? The Jamman seems the best one, but does not allow reverse
Any advice would be greatfully received...many thanks in advance,