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syncing RC -20xl with drum machine

Hi all:


Not sure why I keep trying to do this – forever optimistic I suppose. Without attempting  MIDI connect which isn’t  possible of course with my RC-20x., I’ve  been finding out once again that when attempting to have the loop played on guitar remain in sync with the drum pattern, the RC-20’s loop will eventually ‘drift’ off out of time. This in spite of  initially being dead on and in sync when I set up the loop phrase in time with the drum pattern. And of course, with my RC-50 the same would occur I suspect, unless as previously mentioned by others on list, you allow the RC-50 to run thru MIDI to the drum machine as master.

Any thoughts or ideas on this well-worn subject would again be appreciated especially from those who have tried this particular setup with the RC-20xl and drum machine. I am using the Roland DR3 drum machine.