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hand held feedback synth now available...

Forgive my joy but just to toot (Buzz?) my own horn, the first DAED
synthesizer is now available for order. This is a culmination of my own
noise explorations with input from some folks in the power electronic and
abient scene. It is all analog in a small handheld box and built for live
use. The controls are simple but it is quite capable of a complex variety
of sounds due to it's built in feedback and self-modulating switches,
patch points, etc.

I finally got around to putting up a basic demo video at:

The standard production model is built into a painted aluminum stompbox
case and has the following features:

- Two Interactive Oscillators
- Separate Low Range Modulation Switch
- Momentary and Full On/Off Playability
- Modulating photo resistor with momentary and full on triggers
- Three Patch Points with Real-time Touch Sensitive Modulation.
- 9VT battery and/or AC Operation
- 1/4 Output for merging with Effects, Amps, and Friends
- Each unit is lovingly completely hand made, signed, and dated.

Price is $250 US plus shipping. Group discount for 5 or more units.

Stock color is black but custom Graphics and solid or individual Paint
options are available as well. So far every one I have made has been
different. I like that :)

More pictures and info at:

http://www.helpwantedproductions.com/daed.htm and


I'll be updating the DAED product pages with graphic options, samples, etc
in the upcoming week. Please email for ordering info or any questions.



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