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Mainstage worthwhile?

Hi all,

I'm a Logic user so I have Mainstage at my disposal.  I've looked into it but have never done anything in depth with it.  For live use I always end up using Ableton, Kore or hardware loopers depending on the project.  What are some of the key features people like with Mainstage compared to say Ableton Live?  Whether it's looping or realtime mangling.  
Also I found what Per wrote was interesting.

Finally you map Mainstage's Screen Control Objects to the target software
parameters. In this process you may apply lots of scaling, reversing, cross
fading, multiple mapping etc to trim the setup according to your physical
control gear.

I was wondering if you could expand on this idea and the benefits.  This is a part I haven't delved into too much with Mainstage.