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Re: FS: Lots of pedals (filters, delays, etc) UPDATE

Had a ton of requests (thanks) and a lot is sold. Her's what's left with
Some new items added including a 60s fuzz and vintage compressor.

A.   Boss AutoWah AW-2. $55 Like new in box.

B.  Line6 FM4 Filter/guitar synth modeler. $160 Great condition.  Does all
sorts of autowah and filtering as well as mono guitar synth sounds.

C.  Korg G5 Synth Bass Processor $225 Awesome 90s Silver floor unit.
selelctable waveforms including voice. Cutoff and resonance knobs, etc.
VERY sweet for guitar and keys too.

D. Ibanez Weeping Demon wah $65 - Like new in box w/all papers. Extremely
versitle wah with settings and options galore.

E.  Ibanez AFL autofilter - $75 - unique filter sound for an autowah
(Jerry Garcia favored this series) LP/BP and *sliders* for control plus
lo/hi settings for ultra flexibilty. In GREAT shape.

F. Vintage MXR Dynacomp (block logo) - $110 - Not reissue, the real deal.

G. Heathkit 60s FuZZZ!  $225.  Controls are "distortion" Boost" as well as
tw  way toggle to add more bass to the signal. Sweet 60s germanium hand
wired goodness.

H. Boss CS-2 Compressor   - $75- old standby, MIJ OOP. good shape.

I think prices are fair but will listen to offers specially if buying more
than one or picking up (phila pa). Email for more info on individual
pieces or any questions.

Pictures up at: http://www.helpwantedproductions.com/Salez/FS.htm
The pedals are Item#4)

I accept paypal and USPS MOs. Buyer pays shipping (from phila pa) and PP
fees. I pack well for free.

trades possible for esoteric weird sound things and ModcanA format or
possibly frac modules.



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