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Re: OT Michael Masley's Idisosncratic and Brilliant Musical World

Oh, yess!! fantastic musician! i'll try to by some CD for suppurting him!
but...where?  remember that i live in italy! :-)
good life to everybody!

Max Liver

Rick Walker ha scritto:
> He's not looping but check out this guy's musical inventions.
> Though not a looper,  he inspires my own looping like crazy.
> He plays on the streets occasionally in Santa Cruz but he generally 
> doesn't bring anything out
> except his amazing invented bowed cymbalon.
> http://www.youtube.com/user/CollateralTimbre#p/u/4/EOZYWhXZx0I
> He lives a pretty marginal economic existence and he's so amazingly 
> inventive and creative
> that if you have the bucks,  actually buy his CD and support him.
> I'd love to get him into live looping...............he'd do amazing 
> stuff if he did.