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Re: Y2K9 sampler video

Michael this is really neat and 'like minds...' but I've yet to begin production on a similar idea due to trying to salvage video from another show on the trip and work.  Regardless thank you for doing this partly out of vanity but also for the many additional artists that performed on Sunday that due to our tour schedule I was unable to see so getting to see those other folks is really neat.  Loved the bowed banjo as your manipulated 'Steinberger' near end of the piece.

I have a few people that I don't think you got Saturday PM or possibly different angles so I plan to put together a highlights piece hopefully before the week is out.  While writing this do you or anyone else on the list have any idea for a video problem I'm fighting with on our LA CP show.

It's a 55 min MP4 Samsung camcorder generated file which plays completely no issues in the camcorder.  When copied over to my Mac (Leopard), played in QT (7.6 I believe) or exported for a final movie in FCP (5.1) it gets to @36 min and does the Mac Ignore/Send Report bomb out.  I've had success playing this in the open source VCL player but when trying to screen capture the entire it reaches roughly the same place and expiring.  It seems like corrupt video at that point but then in the camera everything is groovy.

Any thoughts or ways of getting this to work appreciated.  I'm close to just making a judgement call and cutting out the bad place but it was a neat piece and I had to do that.

Michael thanks again for your piece and any thoughts on my editing problem.  Great to see you and so many others on Saturday, it was the best.


On Tue, Oct 27, 2009 at 3:18 AM, Michael Peters <mp@mpeters.de> wrote:
I've created a 10 minute Y2K9 loopfest sampler video from the video snippets
I took with my digicam:

Apologies to the many wonderful artists that aren't represented here because
I either missed them, or because I was so much in awe that I forgot to catch
them on video.

Shown here in order of appearance: Rick Walker (percussion), Jim Goodin
(violin), Daryl Shawn (guitar and cassette tapes), David Cooper Orton
(guitar), Nat Grant (percussion), Matt Davignon (mouthharp) and Thomas
Dimuzio (keyboards), Warren Sirota (guitar), Bill Walker (lapsteel guitar),
Kevin Kissinger (theremin), Travis Johns (electronics), Mike Crain
(vibraphone), Laurel Murphy & Ryan Slemko (vocals), Planet Loop (drums +
bass) with Az Samad (guitar), Entertainment for the Braindead (banjo +
vocals), Ariane Cap (bass), Andre Donowa (bass + vocals), Onyx Ashanti (wind
controller + laptop), Michael Peters (guitar), Kevin Spears (Kalimba)


p.s. I'm surprised that there are hardly any postings about this festival on
the LD list. It was one of the most exciting and memorable musical events I
can remember. Meeting old friends (some of them for the first time) and new
friends, talking with many interesting people, lots and lots of incredible
music and inspiration. Thanks so much to Rick and of course also to Chris,
Bill, and Nancy for having us.

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