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FS: Awesome MFOS Soundlab with upgrades...

My own building has taken over my lab so I need to move some of the other
DIY stuff I have lying around. Here is a VERY cool Music For Outer Space
Soundlab synth originally made by "Blue Lantern" who's built a lot of
these ad other cool circuits. I did some more work and it's THE Soundlab
to get if you want one ready to go.

Blue Plexiglass custom faceplate with a ton of useful upgrades and mods

- Timing mods with rotary selector pots

- Fine Tune controls on both VCOs

- VCO1 *and* VCO2 CV 1/4" in

- Gate 1/4"in

- VCO1 modulated by VCO2

- Momentary envelope trigger button

-  Internal power supply (no wall wart!).

- Added BLUE LED for on/off

Yes, this a pro synth in a DIY package. Case is beige painted wood. 
Powersupply connection was removed from the front plate and now there is
an internal PS with regular two-prong cable secured with hot glue to make
this easy to travel with and setup anywhere.

Full info on the Sound Lab. mods, and features are available along with
MP3s, etc here:


I'm asking $400 obo. USPS or Paypal (buyer pays fees). Will ship anywhere
or pickup in Phila Pa.

Not really looking for trades unless you have some Bugbrand or unusual
Modcan A modules.

Picture and more info on this exact unit here:

(see item 10)


Now Available for Purchase with Demos online:

 DAED: Circuit Bent and Unusual Sound Devices
"Making Something Extrodinary from the Ordinary"