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Re: Advice for DL-4 home repair

I almost missed the hex screw at first, since it doesn't really look like a screw. All I can see on my side of the chip board now is the ROM chip, a potentiometer for the "mode" dial, two wires to the battery compartment, and a bunch of solder spots. Something other than those elements is locking the board down, or it would be a little more flexible.

It may be the dials...so, how do I get them off? Do I just force 'em with a pair of pliers?

Matt Davignon
Rigs! www.youtube.com/user/ribosomematt

On Sun, Nov 1, 2009 at 10:59 AM, Toby G <carpet8@mac.com> wrote:
Yes there's a good chance it's the potentiometers connected to the dials. 
There's also an off chance that there is a screw someplace that you haven't seen yet.  I've fixed many electronic devices and the screws will fool ya.
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Sent: Sunday, November 01, 2009 10:53 AM
Subject: Advice for DL-4 home repair

Hi all,

As some of you witnessed, the "record" button of my DL-4 fell apart during my performance at Y2k9. I'm trying to fix the pedal.

I still have all the pieces, and it looks like it should be an easy fix. The trouble is I need to get under the chip board...and it's still stuck to something I can't see. Once inside the pedal, I've undid 4 black screws and one tall hex-shaped screw. I also unscrewed the black bolts around the inputs/outputs on the back of the pedal. The chip board seems to be held in by something in the middle. Could it be the 5 dials for things like modeling type, delay, mix? If so, how do I get those out?

This is frustrating, because if the chipboard was 1/4" higher or more out of the way, this would be a 20 minute repair job.

Matt Davignon
Rigs! www.youtube.com/user/ribosomematt