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RE: public response to looping

hi guys, just done a massive months catch up  in two mornings off so im all loopered up again.
my take on the " a rose by any other name" shtick is that..
there is are direct parrallels only not usually in music per ce.
for instance, I surf and there are many sucessful (and lots more less successful) surfing festivals...but these are events attended by Surfers, Wannabe Surfers (the lump majority) and their friends and families.
now as I see it this is a similar idea to whats going on in the looping community except that looping hasnt yet gained the same cultural  kudos to make people want to BE SEEN to go there as they now do to mainstream music fetivals ( I will save that for another rant)it might feel unfair but the overall level of uptake looping just isnt going to rival something as culturally pervasive as surfing.
continuing the paradigm, surf fests now often take in merch ( now this is a real opptune area.....serisouly who better to demo, uy and  show off the kit and beta test then some of the worlds most gear hungry indiduals??? maybe we should be holidng loop fests in grand arenas but with accompanying peripheral events that would appeal MASSIVLY to loopers but also wuld resonate outside the direct looping comunity and bring in general musicians and so on.
I would imagine the first fest to get roland ehx and some of the software companies down will raise the bar.
the problems are also similar across my simulcran world......i hear surfers go on about how it is not longer just about surfing , theres normally bands  a skate ramp with demos, loads of gear hawking and so on..........so aain the lesson to question is WHY do we need it to be bigger ect. if its financial there are avenues to explore obviously, but at the same time, dont as an organiser think this will makeyour core crowd happy. I would LOVED a geek fest of expo stands, trying out upcoming products, chatting to the designers and even looking as other works form parrallel  arts such ar photo exhibits or performance art.but others will think this dilutes the message.
if you want ot keep it pure to just looping im sure you can , and im sure over time it will grow... but it will always just be us loopers there and those with a direct interest...but thats on, cos what we do may have more in comparason to surinf, craft making, fishing , cooking, car moddifying then music in general as it is a persuilt that is enjoyed passionatly by few rather then taken on by cultural ossmosis by the many.
Phill Wilson (MyOneManBand)

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