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Re: Fwd: "East Coast Loopers" is now "Eastern Loopers"...

Me thinks I was ignorantly thinking Rainer.  I rushed the name which I can still change.  The original thought here was akin to what I think the folks in the NW (States) set up, to organize looping musicians in the eastern US.

If I expand this to continue east across the pond we'll eventually meet Rick in the West no! which reminds me are we the knights that go east or west (grins).  Clearly though anybody can come in as should we ever organize some kind of event equiv to Y2K clearly it would welcome our European brethren.

Is there already a European FB looping community or is a worldwide inclusive?  For the purposes of networking in our own regions it seems to me that these 'groups' should possibly all be sort of like states in a country or countries in a world.  Gosh come on in!  I'm on my 2nd beer and can't think too much right now though I am about to start recording...

On Fri, Jan 1, 2010 at 7:46 PM, Rainer Straschill <moinsound@googlemail.com> wrote:
Well done, very US-like point of view: there cannot possibly be any point on earth farther east than New York with any traces of (looping) culture, so "Eastern US" and "Eastern" is synonymous.
Or would you accept people from farther east...like the whole of Europe? ;)

Okay I have taken the challenge of our friends in the Northwest and created a Face Book group that I just renamed as I felt 'coast' was limiting, so it's now Eastern Loopers.  If you are in this community here in the Eastern US, either join FB or if you are in FB go to the link below and join up and let's get a festival going in this neck of the woods!


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