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Re: Anyone use Shure Auxpander for feedback loops?

margaret noble wrote:
> I like the guy's Matrix mixer at http://www.metalbox.com/
> but i am running is the Shure Auxpander would do the same tricks ?

The difference is that the Matrix Mixer will work with control voltages
as well as audio, the Shure unit won't.
In tech terms, this means the MM will work with DC signals as well as AC.
In musician terms this means that the Shure unit will do feedback loops 
just fine.

Andy's tips for feedback:
Use a compressor in the feedback loop, with low threshold
and low ratio (2:1?), attack and release can be slow
 ....unless of course you actually want screaming distortion.
Use a graphic equalizer to really pick out the parts of
the sound you find interesting.

andy butler