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RE: New Loop

Hi Chris,

You might want to take a look at the Rang III.
Two Sample Rates - 48KHz or 24KHz, both with 20 bit samples; through
signal is always 48KHz with 24 bit samples


The Rang was my first looper (not counting my first adventures of dubbing
sounds from one portable tape recorder to another for a max of about 4
loops before it just all went to noise).
I loved it's ease of use.
I also had an echoplex which I loved, but it was stolen and lately I've
been using mobius and bidule on my laptop.
Even though I like the flexibility of my laptop setup I find I spend way
too much time looking at the screen during performances.
I'm currently using the looping function in the m9 which is a really great
pedal, but I'm missing my stereo.

If you don't need stereo you should definitely have a look at Bob
Amstadt's mini Looperlative. I don't think it's out yet but I saw a Beta
version when I was at Rick's place. If stereo wasn't an issue for me I'd
get it.

Of course I'm still trying to think of a way to scrape up some funds for
the LP1. Ahhh.... one can dream.

A fellow looper from Bim,



On Fri, January 1, 2010 8:30 pm, fh@flatheadband.com wrote:
> I see, I was thinking of upgrading from the 'rang due to sample rate and
> routing/panning options.  I'm not as concerned about recording quality (I
> don't record my looping other than to capture the moment), this is for
> live solo performance and I like simplicity. for 'in the box' looping and
> recording I use software.
>  I've got a decent signal chain: taylor 314ce with a bagg's m1/padi
> preamp, beta58 vocal mic, green bullet harmonica mic, marshall as50r
> acoustic amp, 'rang and pedals in the loop so I can loop/effect vocals
> and guitar...but the boomerang's best sampling rate is only 24k, 11.76k
> freq max... so once I layer about 5-6 things it gets a little muddy with
> no panning options. I compensate with some pedals and technique on guitar
> and vocals, like singing in the green bullet for dynamics and
> flavor...I'm adding a small 6ch mixer for more eq & panning
> capabilities than the marshall, but it hasn't arrived yet...my loop out
> of the rang will still be mono but I can separate it from the live
> instruments and gain a little more clarity...
> thanks for the info and happy new year to you as well...
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>  Subject: Re: New Loop
>  From: Todd Chambeau
>  Date: Fri, January 01, 2010 1:19 pm
>  To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
>  Chris,
> Glad you liked it. There was not much post-production, but I went 
> out of my Allen& Heath mixing board into Pro Tools. This way I got
> away from the boxy sounding mic on the camcorder. Then when I mixed down
> in Protools I added a touch of Eq at  7k and 2db worth of gain reduction
> through a Manley Vari-Mu compressor. I guess some would say that is a
> decent amount of "Post Production"The reverbish sound of the loop is from
> the presets on the A&H Mixing board.The only non-live portion of the
> looping, was the strat lead and one of the high harmony vocal parts, 
> I did to cover up an off-key part. The Strat went directly into Protools,
> where I added a hint of reverb, nothing else.Someone can correct me if I
> am wrong, but I do not think the EDP will give you a "better quality "
> sound. It really starts with the quality of instruments, then your
> recording chain.The EDP probably has more options on it's looping
> capability, but I have only scratched the surface with it and really just
> mostly use the overdub feature to layer parts.
> Let me know if you have any other questions.Happy New YearTodd
> On Jan 1, 2010, at 12:43 PM, fh@flatheadband.com wrote:I've been lurking
> for a while as well, looping with a 'rang for a couple of years and am
> working up to shooting a vid of my performances, your work is
> inspiring...how much post work did you do to the track? if all that's
> live, I think I might have to move past my boomerang if this is what an
> edp sounds like.  I play guitar, bass and sing and the low vocals really
> sound clear...loved the track and I echo the comments on the track's
> progression into chaos...nice.
> Chrishttp://www.flatheadband.com
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>  Subject: New Loop
>  From: Todd Chambeau
>  Date: Wed, December 30, 2009 12:02 pm
>  To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
>  Loopers,
>  I just wanted to thank everyone for the help over the last year. I've
>  learned alot from just lurking and asking the occasional questions. I
>  would also like to thank Luca from Italy for sending me that EDP manual.
>  Here is loop I did after sorting through some old family video.
>  It is through my EDP.
>  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7vEzb0TzvOY
>  Thanks
>  Todd Chambeau