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Re: Any Ideas for a Second Looper, possibly a Jamman


Thanks for the reply. Actually, my drums are acoustic, no pads or  
midi. I realize the sound quality of trying to loop most of the kit  
would be poor, but I am thinking even if I mic just the kick drum or  
I also have a pedal steel and some other instruments spread around the  
room, so it would be nice to have the extra looper and like you said,  
avoid too much madness with the everything going through the EDP.


On Jan 5, 2010, at 9:17 AM, Rainer Straschill wrote:

>> My main looper is a Gibson EDP. I would like to get a second looper  
>> for the purpose of being able to trigger loops from my drum set and  
>> other instruments on the other side of my studio room.
>> I can't afford another EDP and was looking at a used Jamman for  
>> $100. I recall hearing a Boss unit mentioned on here too.
>> Any thoughts or ideas?
> Hey Todd,
> I'll first try to understand what you want to accomplish: from your  
> text, it seems that you want to trigger "canned" (i.e. recorded  
> probably in advance, and not subject to overdub/multiply/the entire  
> EDP madness) loops from some controller, like a MIDIfied drumset (or  
> trigger pads sitting in the drumset).
> If so (and that's the big if), an old sampler w/ built-in scsi  
> harddisc might do the trick; things like an EMU ESi-32 with turbo  
> board (for timestretching) go for below $100 sometimes...
>      Rainer
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> http://moinlabs.de