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Re: New Album Spam

thanks chaps!

here's a little nerdy breakdown of each tune...

all the basic guitar sounds were created with pedals (including the ehx microsynth) > mesa triaxis > tc g-force > eclipse. any looping done before recording was with a looperlative and an electrix repeater. some pads and rythmic loops were created with the tc d-2
all this was recorded in logic 7.2 running on an old g5 imac

The Moon at My Window - a little mini-soundscape to open. several layers, but the opening sound is just some pitch shifted notes treated with logic filter, gateboy (slicer), logic spectral filter and delay

Lucid Dreaming - the drums in this one are loops, as are the bass lines. the drums at the end were chopped up to add variation. guitar pads in the intro created with reaktor. the little slices of guitar were created by dropping an arpeggiated chord into intakt, chopping it up and triggering via midi

The Space Between Breaths - midi drums in this one, which i programmed. i ran the rendered audio file through a reel to reel tape machine (pushing the levels) to warm them up a bit. a bit of side chain compression added when brought back into logic. the main guitar melody is the microsynth (played with slide)

eScape - more reaktor on the guitar in this one. the drums are several loops layered in different ways to add variation

After Night Falls - the drums are loops again (chopped up etc). the bass was played by my good friend and musical brother, jason rogers. tons and tons of layers in this one...very dense

Techtonik - more drum loops and comb delays from the eclipse on the lead solo. the very end is slices of guitar with eq automation

The Second Realm - string samples in this one, more choppy guitar sounds created with gateboy and filters. i used the replicant plugin to add random variation to the djembe (?) loops. some pads created with reaktor and spektral delay. the vocal effect on the second guitar solo is the formant filter in the g-force swept with a cc pedal (like a wah). main drum part is chopped up loops

To Gather Up One's Shadow - the lead break in this - no i didn't play it (Holdsworth might be able to!) - i sampled myself, dropped the file into intakt and triggered each note via midi. nice ambient break in the middle!

Here and Now - the voice is Alan Watts. the drums in the first half are loops and in the second half, midi drums which i programmed. the choppy sound is a loop in the lopperlative which has been "scrambled"

Into the Light - reaktor beat boxes for the drums here. lots of layers of stuff. wanted to do something darker than the sort of ambient stuff i did on <captured>.

well that's all i can think of off the top of my head. i'm happy to answer any questions about specific sounds or techniques i used (if i can remember!)

thanks for listening!