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Re: El Pino & The Volunteers

On Wed, Jan 6, 2010 at 7:30 PM, Rainer Straschill
<moinsound@googlemail.com> wrote:
> First of all, let me state that I have no experience with the Ableton 
> (Per, any ideas about that how it compares to Möbius? I seem to 
>remember you
> did use it).

In general I think Live's Looper plugin is good. So for a user it's
mostly a question of if Live's Looper offers the function he wants to
play with.

When using he looper as the sync master I think the feel is just as
snappy and musical as Mobius. But I think Ableton Live in the position
as the sync slave works better with its own Looper plugin compared to
following Mobius tempo by catching up on a MIDI Clock sync signal.
This is of course because a "catching-up-application" is constantly a
bit late.

Personally I'm such a big fan of Mobius scripting and option to stack
multiple alternative loops on each track that I chose to go with
another host than Ableton; Mainstage for live playing and Bidule for
recording. I found it difficult to loop in Ableton's Looper since I
have grown used to all the simple and powerful tools Mobius offers.
But as I said initially, if you don't need all those goodies Live's
Looper works perfectly well within its designed capacity.

I only have experience of using these software loopers as sync masters
and can not tell how well they perform when being synced as slaves to
a host application.

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen