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Re: Metheny - The Orchestrion Tour

this video came out today:

it shows pretty much what you say: control physical instruments by MIDI, probably partly the guitar and mostly a sequencer.
I dont see it much related to looping
and I dont quite understand the point: 
it must be great to be in the Orchestrion and hear it all directly, but it still will not be better than a band (except that the robots may play quicker and more exactly than players)
for the concert, he probably will have to amplify it all as usual so it will sound a little more alive than from a sampler (since each trigger is a real new note and not the same sample repeated), but also maintains all the problems of transport, space, amplification, mixing... just saving the musicians really...

On 15 Dec 2009, at 21:32, George Ludwig wrote:

I haven't seen it, but thanks for mentioning it. I just bought two tickets. :)
My impression is that he is using MIDI (or some other control protocol) to trigger physical orchestral instruments to accompany him. I'm such a Metheny fan, I've got to see it no matter what...

On Sun, Dec 13, 2009 at 7:05 AM, Christo Jota <chris@christojota.de> wrote:
did anyone see Pat Metheny on his Orchestrion-Tour ?
Is it interesting for both loopers and "normal" people?
Iīm thinking about buying a ticket for me and my wife, but
not sure if itīs something for both of us.
I read on Methenyīs website that itīs a solo-performance
using devices to replace other instruments, which sounds
to me like heīs been using kind of a looping device.
Certainly a custom made device built especially for Metheny...
Anyone there who knows more about it?