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Re: slicer effect?/mini kaoss pad

Im really happy with the Roland EF 303 (everything is 303 isnt it....  nealy bought a house a few years ago.. wife said no.. to much building work.. and I said.. but its number 303!) they still crop up on ebay, pretty cheap. its mostly slicing type effects, but instead of slicing volume (and cutting) it can also slice, pitch, reverb amount, distortion level, and any parameter that the effect bank (16) has. There not too many memory slots, and has some funny functionality (bugs) some wondeful GENIUS caperbilities are hidden in obscure menus but its mainly a grab it and see box so who cares... the other one of these i use, is a Red Sound Federation Pro... like gold dust now im afraid.. both this things take up alot of room however, I have 2 rack drawers for them.

But slicing is my most usual thing...

love it..


On Sat, Jan 9, 2010 at 3:31 AM, scott hansen <evanpeewee@yahoo.com> wrote:
i've been looking at the slicer effect (boss) and think it's pretty cool. i know some people said that this is a dj/groove effect -could someone tell me what hardware samplers/gear this is on/available? is it just the high end stuff (mpc's?). just curious??? is it on the korg electribe units??
thanks for the advice on my mini kaoss pad-i don't have an effects loop option, but i put it inbetween my zoom g2 and my digitech rp150, so the rp150 pushes the signal a bit more. and i think i've solved the problem. i do like the sounds it gets for sure. certainly wacky stuff...
happy looping ...