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Re: OT Portable Recording Studio Purchasing Advice Sought

You should consider the RME multiface. Small no latency stable as  
he'll... Antony

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On Jan 10, 2010, at 4:26 AM, Rick Walker <looppool@cruzio.com> wrote:

> Hi everyone,    Rick Walker here.
> Happy New Years to you all!
> I have a production client right now who wants to invest in a really  
> good
> traveling recording studio.
> He wants to be able to record on both Windows and Mac OSX
> Right now we are deciding  about the purchase of items for a  
> suitcase recording studio
> that is really high quality  and
> I wondered if anyone can advise me on what to advise him.
> Firstly,    We are looking at the RME Firewire 400 and the 800
> *1st Question:     Do you think the RME firewire 800 is too bulky  
> for international travel.
> 2nd Question:    Is there another firewire (or USB2)  breakout box  
> that you particularly
> like as an alternative?   Anything less expensive than the RME that  
> is comparable in quality?
> *
> His HP Pavillion DV5000 laptop doesn't have a Firewire interface but
> there is a firewire card that he and purchase for to connect this.
> *3rd Question:   Is there any down size to using a firewire  
> interface for this particular computer?
> ********
> ********
> *Next,  we are looking at getting a pencil condenser microphone that  
> would be the equivalent
> of the Neumann KM184  or the KM150.
> These are very pricey mics.
> *4th Question:  Are there any screaming deals in high quality pencil  
> condenser microphones
> that you know of that are not so pricey?     *I know that there are  
> now a plethora of good quality
> condensers on the market including a lot of really inexpensive ones  
> made in Russia and Eastern Europe.
> Lastly,   we have looked at this unit for a lighweight and compact  
> headphone distribution amplifier
> Sound Devices HX-3 - 3 Channel Portable Headphone Amplifier       
> price  $379.00
> *5th Question:    Does anyone know of an alternate to this headphone  
> amplifier that might be less expensive
> but do the trick?   It needs to be very portable and run on batteries.
> *Thanks so very much for your advice.  I sooo appreciate the level  
> of expertise on this list.
> yours,   in the loop,
> Rick Walker
> www.y2kloopfest.com