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OT: how to get ambient sound in IEM?

I recently played my first gig where I was playing with an ensemble, and was using my looping rig with wireless IEM. I had  a heck of a time not only hearing other people, but also trying to judge my stage volume...and if my amp was even making noise!
So now I'm thinking about how to get ambient sound in to the system. I am using Shure earbuds, and they make a device to let in some ambient noise ("push to hear"). And I even have one, but 1. it's a piece of crap, and the ambient volume control failed within the first few minutes of use and 2. when you engage the ambient mic, it lowers the volume of the main source, which causes various problems.
I thought about putting a mini mic in my audio interface, and that would give me a lot of control, except for which direction the mic is pointing.
How has everyone else solved this problem?