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[Fwd: Re: Video Streaming Services - Status and Survey]

Stephen Goodman schrieb:

> I cannot seem to get ustream to broadcast in stereo.  Here's what I've 
> got running for the latest shows:
> This through ustream's encoder (the FME is not selectable, and when 
> the checkbox is selected nothing happens, let alone a plugin 
> installation as their 'help' graphics show.  No answer from ustream 
> about this.
That is the cause, though a solution is not known to me: when not using 
FME, the audio is always mono (on ustream).
The process is download xml file for FME from ustream -> start FME using 
the xml file -> click "Broadcast Now" to open the broadcast window in 
ustream -> click "start broadcast". In this setting, it automatically 
uses the already transmitting FME stream (which may even be coming from 
another computer, though that one may have to be under the same public 
> Perhaps I misunderstood the answer from Livestream's forum but I have 
> to get more viewers to be 'verified'.  Or is that not the only criteria?
It's not a criterium, and it rather works the other way round:
To get verified, you have to apply for it (the thing tells you) by 
filling out a form. It's basically a graphic with a channel logo, a 
short description, a few tags, the location of your main target 
audience, your intended use etc. Takes roughly 10 minutes to fill that out.
Once you do that, you get verified very quickly. They claim "usually 
within two business days", for me it was less than one (and I think also 
for Jeff).

Before your channel is verified, your maximum number of viewers that can 
watch (from livestream's side) are 40 - if you get verified, it's 
unlimited. But you do NOT have to have more than a specific viewer count 
to get verified. The only requirement is filling out the form.



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Follow me on twitter: http://twitter.com/moinlabs