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Re: Keith is also a loop pioneer (was: fingers crossed this becomes available soon)

Keith McMillen "discovered" me in Frankfurt in 1993 and asked "would you like to licence this to Gibson"
he already had a looper prototype by then, but liked mine better, mainly because it was ready.
so I went to Berkeley and we sat together and improved it.
he added the great idea with the pedal board using a standard guitar cable, the parameter matrix, some Next features...
(the bad idea to recycle the brand Echoplex was not his)

we already agreed back then that the multitrack looper would be the next step...
...but then Gibson kicked him out and he had to fight to save Zeta - and won!

what he does now with BeamFoundation is a sophisticated variation of livelooping, too!

a great guy, incredibly active and full of visions, sometimes like a father to me...
have a look at his other products, they are all unique!

On 14 Jan 2010, at 23:05, William Walker wrote:

the softstep foot controller...


Huba Huba, that is one sexy beast, only one expression pedal port and optional midi? Thats kind of lame for us hardware and expression pedal using guys but man is that sweet,  Seems they could have terraced the two rows as well, picky picky .They will be close to us in Hall A so I will check em out. I bet it won't be cheap........