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Re: Ditching the computer...

Very interesting, Kris!

I don't remember people of this group quit looping but still stay here  
and talk about it (well, for years I was not reading most of the post,  
so that does not mean much)
Also, we hardly had any members so much involved not only in terms of  
quantity of mails, but real work like recording festivals and such!
And this intensity of yours of course makes you go through phases,  
passionate and exploring deeply, to then come out on the other side  
and abandon for the next phase... sure, you are an excellent guitar  
player who does not need the security net!
then again, music is not about "need" so the question would rather be  
whether looping would make the music stronger/richer/nicer/... or hold  
you back from... what?

did we ever list up the disadvantages of livelooping?
- need to control machine
- hard to change timing
- hard to change scale
- hard to escape from some typical song structures

On 14 Jan 2010, at 20:04, Krispen Hartung wrote:

> Hi Matthias,
> Nice hearing from you again!
> Yes, it is quite a change for me. I have recieved several private  
> responses from people in shock, thinking that there must be  
> something wrong with me or something drastic has happened in my  
> life, and I am almost ready to send my resonse to the group so it is  
> out on the table!  :)
> Anyway, looping and what I will use. The only context I can see  
> myself looping now is in a solo context, but just as a minor  
> background device...short phrases, ambient noises, etc.  In this  
> regard, I still have my Boss RC1 looper.  It is basic, but gets the  
> job done.   But, honesly, in my recent experiences with duos and  
> trios, I don't really see a need for looping. I like the space and  
> the dynamics of three live players. And even in a solo context, my  
> aim is to be self-sufficient. I can play free jazz guitar easy  
> enough, but the years of looping have got me addicted to having the  
> safety net of background loops. I sort of like being on my own and  
> exposed now.
> Kris
> ----- Original Message -----
> wow, Kris!
> nobody answers this one?
> you have been off and on with this several times already, right?
> after a while of the amp you will long for the special effects  
> again... :-)
> I have a hard time with the computer, too, I must admit...
> we even talked about a polyphonic tube amp these days :-)
> and what do you use for looping? did you ditch that too? a band?
> On 14 Jan 2010, at 01:34, Krispen Hartung wrote:
>> Hello folks.
>> After over a year of contemplating this, I have decided to simplify  
>> my life and ditch the laptop and music software.  Yes, it's  
>> true...the guy who was the posterchild for eliminating hardware and  
>> had built such as sweet system is changing approaches yet  
>> again. :)   What am I playing now?  Eastman archtop jazz guitar and  
>> amp. That's it. Time to focus and get real, spend less time on the  
>> computer and more time playing with human beings.   I will be  
>> keeping an old laptop with some editing software, but that is it.