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Re: Fripp-Amplification

my mantra forever has been-an electric guitar's sound (for me!) is determined by many things but mainly the guitar the amplifier and the spkr cabinet. they all play significant parts to a whole signature of sound. you cant really remove any of those things

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Subject: Fripp-Amplification
Personally - as a guitar player - I HATE the sound of my looping rig direct to monitors.  
I much prefer to go through stereo ((4x10) x2) bass cabs and 1000 watts of amplification feeding them.  
Smaller gigs - a JC 120 AND a Fender Bandmaster head into a 15 inch bass speaker. 
Really small locations, just the JC120. 
And trust me I am hitting some crazy lows and hi's with my set-up.   
Having 2  layers of compression helps though! :-)