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FS: Bugbrand Postcard weevil

title sez it. Awesome pocket chirping/buzzing/dram machine In Excellent
shape. Pics and info here:

>From bugbrand's site"

"The PostcardWeevil is hyper-portable sonic world featuring three
ring-modulated oscillators, power starvation, body contacts, line-out and
mini-amp, all in a package measuring just 7 x 8 cm! The Postcard approach
matured through a few variants from the end of 2005 to reach the current
design, released at the start of 2008. There's a vast range of sounds
hidden within the little package which are coaxed out through settings of
the dials and body contacts. At first the device may seem chaotic, but
with practice and feel you really can play, rolling along with the
unexpectedness that springs out! Everything intermodulates, so a small
twist of a dial can send the sounds spinning into new areas. Personally I
really love the characterful sound from the onboard MiniAmp (and like the
ethos of total portability), but there's also a mono 1/8" minijack line
output (due to popular demand!). Note that this is a slightly unstable
output with great variations in output level depending on power

Pickup in Philly or will ship. USPS mo or paypal(buyer pays fees).



Now Available for Purchase with Demos online:

 DAED: Circuit Bent and Unusual Sound Devices
"Making Something Extrodinary from the Ordinary"