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Re: Bill Walker LP-2 demo

That's good to know. The LP2 seems to have a different approach, basing
it on musical values - 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, etc - rather than a pedal press.
I'm not quite entirely how it works, but I'm guessing it's set up this
way to make it easy to create precise rhythms from the replaced fragments.

Daryl Shawn

> The LP 2 seems to be quite interesting although what Bill Walker 
> comments with "replacing a fragment"-function, isnīt that spectacular. 
> you can already find
> it with the Boss RC 50. There itīs called: "Momentary
> Punch in". With the RC 50 you have 3 recording functions: Overdub, 
> Replace (the whole phrase), Momentary Punch in (just a section will be 
> replace,depending how long you press the pedal)
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