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FS: Guitar Speakers, Bugbrand Postcard, Paia Sync unit...

(Sorry if this gets posted twice. I tried yesterday and it seems to have
never sent.)

Pics and more info on everything here:


1. Bugbrand Postcard Weevil $75. Awesome pocket chirping/buzzing/dream
machine In Excellent shape.

>From bugbrand's site: "The PostcardWeevil is hyper-portable sonic world
featuring three ring-modulated oscillators, power starvation, body
contacts, line-out and mini-amp, all in a package measuring just 7 x 8 cm!
Everything intermodulates, so a small twist of a dial can send the sounds
spinning into new areas."

2. PAIA 6770 Master Synchronizer kit - $100 - Rack unit capable of
splitting a clock and syncing at different speeds. Looks like the rare
well made kit from pack in the day. See pics for full info.

Mostly loaded PCB, faceplate, original jacks, knobs, LEDS, switches,
parts, etc. manual included. This is based on a Craig Anderton Design.
Runs off a +/- 15 VT PS so compatible with most modular synth power
supplies (Blacet, MOTM, Modcan, etc.). Super cool piece waiting to happen.

3. Amp speakers (for those guitarists out there who know what they want)

A.  Fender original 1970s 10" - $100. Original speaker from a 1970s
Silverface Princeton Reverb.  8 ohms, Blue back. AWESOME.

B.- Weber California 12"  -  $150 obo. Excellent Shape. 8Ohms, Aluminum
Cone. One of the best upgrade speaks out there. Excellent for Keys and
Bass as well.

C. Jensen special Design Vintage Series - Both 10" 25 watt, 8 ohms.
AWESOME affordable replacement speakers. Like new!

- P10R Alnico Blue Special Design with pro 1/4" connector -  $70
- C10R Ceramic Gold Label Special design NEW -  $25 (Pickup only or with
another sale)

TERMS: Pickup in Philly or will ship. USPS mo or paypal(buyer pays fees).



Now Available for Purchase with Demos online:

 DAED: Circuit Bent and Unusual Sound Devices
"Making Something Extrodinary from the Ordinary"