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Re: Bill Walker LP-2 demo

  Ok y'all, I'll try to respond to everyone at once,
       Daryl, the reason I didn't demo on the LP-2 was because Barry  
Cleveland surprised me by asking that I do a short clinic on looping,  
and I wanted to accommodate him and also be in my comfort zone , as I  
had no chance whatsoever to work with the Lp-2 before this video was  
shot on Saturday, that's how down to the wire we were with the  
prototypes.   I'll post some stuff to Youtube soon.
       Chris, as Andy pointed out, Quantize replace is a different  
animal than momentary replace, though I suppose one could achieve  
similar results . On the LP-1 which I was demoing using quantize  
replace, you can very the factor from 1, which would replace the whole  
loop, up to a factor 128 which would divide the loop in to 128 equal  
parts, and only replace 1 of those parts when ever you engaged  
quantize replace, I was creating short loops and replacing with a  
factor of 16. On the LP-2 there are a handful of preset quantize  
replace functions including some odd meter sub divisions, as Rick  
mentioned previously, which which were culled from the LP-1.
       Andy, Yes I've seen you use quantize replace using the EDP  
before at the Henry Miller library in Big Sur, among other prestigious  
locals. Seeing both you and Andre LaFosse use it so masterfully, is  
what made me shy away from using it in the first place (as in, holy  
shit they do it so well, must avoid risk of being compared)  when Rick  
first  informed me that it was being added to the LP-1's feature set.   
Having been a Repeater user before the LP-1 came along, it wasn't till  
recently that I tried using it and started to understand its  
potential. Like other "play the machine"  type techniques, its yet  
another interesting strategy that can stimulate happy accidents and  
spontaneous creative inspiration. I'm digging it and trying to use it  
in my own way.
       Brian, thanks the Lp-2 will be a cool machine. I Love mini  
humbuckers, fatter than single coils but not as  tubby sounding as  
standard humbuckers, The guitar is a parts o caster, the body was  
originally a hideous blue color that I bought from Warmoth several  
years ago and stripped to reveal a nice quilted maple top over a  
chambered swamp ash body, The body itself weighed under 3 pounds. The  
neck, also Warmoth is a year old and is a fat back profile with lovely  
flame maple. I like big necks on light bodies. Kind of like my taste  
in gymnasts. There is three-way switch and a multi throw dual switch  
designed by Kent Armstrong available through WD  that engages series/ 
parallel and splits on both pickups as well as providing a kill switch  
when in the center position and the neck pickup is engaged, cool for  
stutter effects.
      Charles, Thanks for the kind words,   Because there was so much  
back ground noise where our booth was,  I wasn't aware I was shouting  
in to the mic. I did a lot of shouting at NAMM!!

  On another topic I did a video of my own  at Keith McMillen's booth  
of their new usb  foot controller which they had working to the point  
of being able to see its Computer graphics behave on screen but not  
much in the way of a real world demo, The XYZ axis functionality of  
the soft pads is very intriguing but also seems capable  of  false  
triggering issues with a heavy handed foot, and the multi- tasking  
possibilities make my head spin. Also a lack of a raised tier for the  
second row of switches seems to also spell some potential for false  
triggering of front row switches. The fact that it only has one  
expression pedal input and an 1/8th inch one at that was a bit  
annoying. Anyone know of a commercially available expression pedal  
that uses and 1/8th inch trs jack? I didn't think so. The midi port is  
an option, not built in to the unit. The thing is so sleek and slim  
and light weight and uber powerful, so the afore mentioned gripes  
aside its pretty vast. Talk about too many choices, one could be  
simultaneously commanding Abelton and a Video program with this thing  
without breaking a sweat, but it would seem to demand a steep learning  
curve and some serious foot finesse. I'll post the vid at some point  
if people really want to see it but I'm busy right now and its not a  
high priority. PS Hey Zoe how do you like the K-bow? Now that seems  
like a really cool device and makes me want to save my shekels for one  
and a Togaman viol-guitar, or just get the K-bow and go all Jimmy Page  
on my tele BooYah!