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Re: Bill Walker LP-2 demo

Hi Matt,

Depends what you mean by "regular"...
here's some answers 

With the LP2, LP1 you can still make irregular sounding loops
by setting the number of divisions higher, or setting it
to an irregular number, or varying the number of loop divisions
as you do the replacing.

with LP2 (and LP1) I don't think you can do this, but:-

my EDP loop4 technique to produce an irregular rhythm is 
to first create the loop full of replaced 8th Notes.

Then spend some time dropping in some more 8th notes, gradually
varying the loop.

Then multiply the loop (say 8x, but whatever).

Then hit Undo to go into loop windowing.

After that, you what you hear is the original loop changing
irregularly on each repeat. (mostly you're hearing it's development
one step at a time)

On the LP2 there isn't, as far as I know, a way to do UnQuantised
Replace, but I expect it's possible to get close enough to that
by using a large number of divisions.

Anyway, I think all the fun is in the way the irregular somewhat
random patterns turn suddenly into regular ones, 
you must have seen Rick do that.

andy butler

Matt Davignon wrote:
> Wait - what if someone doesn't want a regular rhythm?
> On Wed, Jan 20, 2010 at 11:35 AM, andy butler <akbutler@tiscali.co.uk> 
>> Daryl's right.
>> Actually the point is that the replace is not only
>> quantised, but also it performs a replace of just one beat for any short
>> press of the pedal.
>> Very different in effect to the momentary punch in
>> as it creates a regular rhythm.
>> You're right that it's not a new idea though ;-)
>> I first used it back in 2003.
>> andy butler
>> chris@christojota.de wrote:
>>> The LP 2 seems to be quite interesting although what Bill Walker 
>>> with "replacing a fragment"-function, isnīt that spectacular. you can
>>> already find
>>> it with the Boss RC 50. There itīs called: "Momentary
>>> Punch in". With the RC 50 you have 3 recording functions: Overdub, 
>>> (the whole phrase), Momentary Punch in (just a section will be
>>> replace,depending how long you press the pedal)
>>> www.christojota.de
>>> www.myspace.com/christojota