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Re: If you had to state 5 rules of a successful music composition for 12th grade students...

Yo Tom.. and all..

You said...

>Yes, we all know and agree with this.
But Im not sure that YOU did! Agree I mean? You went on to argue that there WAS in fact a formula, for all.

>That being said, the question was in regards to a high school composition class,

Even MORE reason to encourage freedom of expression and personal taste, instead of setting up a bunch of rules.. A Hook??? What year are we in? Is it 1964??

>and regardless of our artistic ego,

Ha ha thanks!... I have NO IDEA what an artistic ego is!!! Ill take it as a compliment!

>there are a number of elements that make said composition more or less relevant/interesting/catchy, regardless of if we like or respect the work.

No there isnt!!! There are some elements that SELL.. (but that changes with time and trends) Is that what we want to teach our music students (I think they know those already)

>As a Berklee graduate and now educator,

As someone who doesnt come from your country, I have no idea what that is supposed to mean, Berklee (Im assuming you mean Berkley, some university in .. I dunno SF is it?) Does that fact make you more cleverer than what I is?
I forgot to mention in my post that I am a Portsmouth UK graduate and now educator...

>I'd like to think that the following elements are vital to a 'successful' compostion:

And then you mention a completely relevant and sensible list of points, if your composition happens to be pop music. A form of music that I regret to say I have never fully understood, finding it about one step up the artistic worth ladder from advertising jingles.

Nevertheless an interesting read, and I welcome your post... But drop the patronising tone please ( a tone that I have adopted in this response for added effect) were all friends here...