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Re: mac vst builder(Synthedit) thingy??

mark francombe wrote:
> Does anyone know about a Mac version of something like SynthEdit?
> Having got Mobius working nicely inside AudioMulch (My host of choice) 
> now a wanna make some effects. Now years ago I did this on the PC using 
> SynthEdit, but thats not on the Mac yet (if it even is still going)
> Anything simerlar...? or do should I scrap this cosy traditional use of 
> Mulch and jump into Bidule? (Have to say that I really dont wanna learn 
> yet another program... it kills me... on the other hand, a mac version 
> of SynthEdit is hardly gonna be a clone.. so... *sigh*

Bidule is calling you.
Indeed, it's not uncommon for plug-in designers
to try out their ideas in Bidule before hard coding them.

I reckon you'd find Bidule v. easy to use, it's the same sort 
of modular system as Synthedit (at least, from a superficial
look at synthedit).

You can always create your fx in Bidule and then run Bidule
as a vst within audiomulch.

However, I don't have any idea how well the basic modules
in Bidule compare to those in Synthedit.
(although Bidule would let you use any vst or au fx in the same
way as a basic module).

andy butler