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Re: mac vst builder(Synthedit) thingy??

2010/1/22 Os <os@collective.co.uk>

Max For Live?

I thought you coluldn't export in MFL.
all your work would remain inside ableton ... 


2010/1/22 mark francombe <mark@markfrancombe.com>:
> Does anyone know about a Mac version of something like SynthEdit?
> Having got Mobius working nicely inside AudioMulch (My host of choice) now a
> wanna make some effects. Now years ago I did this on the PC using SynthEdit,
> but thats not on the Mac yet (if it even is still going)
> Anything simerlar...? or do should I scrap this cosy traditional use of
> Mulch and jump into Bidule? (Have to say that I really dont wanna learn yet
> another program... it kills me... on the other hand, a mac version of
> SynthEdit is hardly gonna be a clone.. so... *sigh*
> M
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