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Re: Brian Eno about recorded music

Dude, get rid of the blubber while you can!  ;)

Just kidding, on one hand I agree with what you and others are saying, that albums were (are) cool, and that's what we are used to and what we like. But I have 3 teenagers, and they haven't bought a CD in a few years. It's just the way it is. In fact, they rarely watch TV, all of their entertainment comes from online (some TV shows are on the web, of course).

Some day I need to get one of those ipods.......


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Might be a generational thing, but for my 58 year old part when I plunk down my money I much prefer an actual physical object rather than permission to access a "stream" or whatever.  And I sure don't want to spend money on an inferior format like mp3.