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RE: Bass players - what's a good stomp pedal for FAT tone?

Unless Zvex holds a patent on this circuit it does not infringe upon 
intellectual property.
It may be in questionable taste, or even bad karma, but it isn't illegal.
Here's one of several web posts I found on the issue:


"The copyright only protects the mode of expression, not the idea embodied 
in it.
Unless there is a patent involved you are free to make as much use of the 
as you want."

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It does infringe upon intellectual property, however, and as a 
musician you should respect that.

-Chuck Zwicky

>It's not thiervery, only PCB layouts can be copyrighted and at the end
>of the day most modern boutique pedals are simply clones with tweaks,
>case in point the Malekko pedal I recommended which is a clone of the
>Brassmaster but it would be way harder to build and if you get a
>Germainium one source good trannys could be a pain.