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A looping tune, in the extreme

To my list colleagues:

 I wanted to share this with you because you'll get it for sure...

NPR's All Things Considered featured a tune which was written for me and which I play regularly and produced for a recently issued New World Recording.

It is the third part of the segment featured at this link:  


there on the webpage you can listen to a 6 minute segment of this 13 minute long composition. 

There isn't a link to the whole thing, I regret. However, it's featured in its entirety on a New Sounds Live podcast soon to be released by WNYC. I can post again then if you like.

The composition is written with two delay boxes, like as in, OLD ones, by its composer, Ingram Marshall... But over the years I've done it with everything from two EDP's to Max/MSP to an Eventide Orville to Ableton Live, and I am now redesigning it again for Max4Live.  

I thought it might be interesting to share how 'what we do' as loopers lives in the world of very classical music, as it's still very much a part of what I do as well, realizing others' work. 

Cheers, all of you, enjoying all the conversations at play these days. 

Todd Reynolds 

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