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Re: Boss RC-50 sync issues


Capt Turner schrieb:
> I always use the RC-50 as a master going to my drum machine Dr-5.  I 
> wonder some about having another looper connected, wither the RC-50 will 
> pick up the tempo.
If you wanted to write "whether the RC-50 will pick up the tempo", vulgo 
if the RC-50 is the MIDI-Clock slave to another MIDI-Clock-master: Yes 
and No. Yes, because the RC-50 tries to do so. If you record something 
in Clockslave mode, it works as long as the clock stays bombproof 
stabile. If the tempo changes only slightly, the RC-50 tries some 
unbelievable bad kind of granular time stretching - the worst try I have 
ever heard. I sold the RC-50 because I must use my gear always as in 
Clock-Slave mode and therefor the RC-50 is unusable (at least for me).