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Re: Radio Support - request

Hi David,
I thought I would throw in my old hometown college radio staion, wrek, Atlanta, they are quite diverse and may be open to Undo. They are also on the net! http://www.wrek.org/
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Sent: Thursday, January 28, 2010 1:58 AM
Subject: Radio Support - request

Hi -
I'm not sure if this is something anyone has tried here before, so please excuse me if this is new. I've recently sent a number of UNDO CD's to a selection of college radio stations in the USA.  Reception has been pretty good so far, considering that college radio and ambient music typically don't go hand in hand.
Here is a list of stations, by State:

AK - Anchorage - KRUA

AZ - Tempe - KASC

CO - Denver - KRCX

CT - Storrs - WHUS

IN - Muncie - WCRD

IN - Terre Haute - WMHD

ME - East Orland - WERU-2

ME - Farmington - WUMF

ME - Lewiston - WRBC

MI - Mt. Pleasant - WMHW

NY - Dix Hills - WFTU

NY - Fredonia - WCVF

NY - Hamilton - WRCU

NY - Oneonta - WONY

OR - Gresham - KMHD2

PA - Mansfield - WNTE

PA - Millersville - WIXQ

PA - Reading - WXAC

TN - Sewanee - WUTS

TX - College Station - KANM

VA - Farmville - WMLU

VA - Richmond - WDCE

WA - Olympia - KAOS

WI - Platteville - WSUP

WI - Superior - KUWS


If any of these stations are in your backyard, please could you request UNDO.  I know this might be tipping the scales a bit, but I would greatly appreciate your support if it's something you feel comfortable offering.  Thank you so much.


Kind regards,