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Re: Boss RC50 and MPC midi sync problems!

Or you can import the sounds/drum loops you want to use and save  
these in patches. This works too. Although sound quality is a little  
I agree the RC50 is pretty good as long as you know and accept its  
limitations. Not for Ambient stuff for sure, but for song form loops  
its really stable and dependable.

On Jan 29, 2010, at 10:54 AM, kkissinger@kevinkissinger.com wrote:

> Quoting Oldfolks Home Music <oldfolkshomemusic@gmail.com>:
>> Here's an update.  I got the RC50 to sync with the MPC when the  
>> looper is
>> running as the master BUT it falls out of sync after a couple  
>> minutes.
>> I'm
>> not sure whether its the looper, the info the looper is sending,  
>> the way
>> the
>> mpc is receiving or the mpc unit.  This is so frustrating!
> Ah, the RC50 syncing issue...
> I think the RC50 is a great unit and it holds its internal tracks  
> precisely in-sync with no problems.
> However, I had problems when trying to sync the RC50 with external  
> hardware -- even when using the RC50 as the master there were  
> glitches in its MIDI Clock.
> One application that has been fun is run the looper as a master and  
> clock my analog synthesizer (the MIDI to CV converter translates  
> the MIDI START and MIDI CLOCK signals into trigger signals which,  
> in turn, fire envelope generators and clock the sample/hold and  
> sequencer).  Alas, the RC50 would occasionally skip a signal and  
> the things would shift out-of-sync.
> I've been using the LP1 (thanks Bob!) for the same application and  
> its clock signal is rock-steady and never misses a beat.
> Well, my RC50 was gathering dust so I sold it to someone who will  
> not be syncing it externally and I'm sure he will enjoy the RC50  
> for his application.
> The RC50 is a fine machine in many ways however I never could get  
> it to sync up with external devices in a dependable manner.
> -- Kevin