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Re: David Torn,Terry Bozzio,Tony Levin,Pat Mastelotto NAMM 2010

"Jeff Duke" <jeff_d@embarqmail.com> ha scritto:

> You have to (or not) remember that this was just an impromptu jam  
> after Holdsworth bowed out. I think they were just jumping in and  
> having some fun jamming. I am not looking at these vids as a musical  
> statement from the artists. Sometimes silence is golden no doubt,  
> but sometimes a wall of sound is called for yes? :) I think we all  
> know that these players can and do play with "soul" when they want/ 
> need to.

Not in this case, evidently.
And I'm a fan of each one of them...
They are all great and experienced musicians and they had some  
collaborations in the past.
So it's very odd that jam was so... "iced", without musical flux.
My impression is: too much brain and research for impressive musical  
solutions, heart is missing here...

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> peace,
> j
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> First impression: Lots of noise and thousand notes per minute, few
> soul!
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> same here.....i was greatly underwhelmed by this and felt that there
> was something wrong with me!