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Everyday Looper - A Looper for the iPhone/iPod Touch

Hi Everyone !

I'm RaphaŽl, indy iPhone developer, amateur guitarist and looper
lover. I usually and still use an Electrix Repeater and a RC20XL,
which wonderfully do their job, but when I first get my hands on an
iPhone, some ideas began to pop up and they eventually came together
as an app called Everyday Looper.

First, when using the Repeater, I always got the frustration of not
being able to visualize my recordings, as a waveform provides great
information about the audio signal that it represents : rhythm, tempo,
envelop of notes, silences, ... . Even more great is that it does it
in 2D, meaning that wherever the play cursor is, I can view these
infos for the entire length of my loop, so I have a representation of
the future before hearing it. Translated into facts, Everyday Looper
displays its four tracks (yes, like the Repeater ^^) waveform in full
screen. No buttons or anything to clutter the space.

Then I wanted a "joyfull" way to interact with the looper. Real knobs,
buttons and foot switches are totally cool, but, let's face it, an
iPhone doesn't have any ... Virtual buttons are off, because of the
first feature up here and because I don't like them, simply. So I go
for multi-touch gestures instead. For exemple you can tap with two
fingers to play/pause, swipe simultaneously over multiple tracks to
change volume, tap and hold a track and drag it to its destination to
merge ... That gives a great feeling of interacting directly with

And last, I wanted it to assist us in every way possible. So you will
find features as auto-normalisation, a limiter on both merge path and
final mix path, and quantized to loop recording.

As I see it, there is two major family of looper users (and of course
all the shades in-between). The ambient ones, which extensively use
feedback, overdubbing and can be quite happy with a single loop track.
The structural ones, for which multiple track, and quantization are
vital. As you probably guess it, I'm more in the second category, so
is the looper too. At least for now ^^.

Here is my website if you want more precise information, screenshots,
videos, ... : http://www.mancingdolecules.com . And here is the direct
link for download : http://www.itunes.com/app/EverydayLooper .

The app is on sale now (2$/1.6Ä/1.2£) to celebrate the 1.1 update
which adds track merging. The usual price will be (5$/4Ä/3£). But I
would like to offer you a few promo codes, to download it for free, if
you have an iTunes US Store account. I can give away 5. Simply write
me directly through this mail (raphael@mancingdolecules.com) and I
will happily send you one if their is some left.

Don't hesitate to tell me what you think about it, or ask me questions
if things are unclear. On this mailing list will be fine as I read it
regularly :).

Cheers !