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Re: OT was David Torn,Terry Bozzio,Tony Levin,Pat Mastelotto NAMM2010

Tony said:
> Wait...who wrote what here? 
I posted the two links (and the two sentences right above them), the 
rest is Bill commenting not so much on my message, then on the validity 
of BKF's statements about the Chapman Stick vs. the Warr guitar.

Regarding that specific topic, one thing's sure: I'm by no means an 
authority on the subject of stick or warr being superior, but I still 
believe that, contrary to the Chapman Stick, the Warr guitar "doesn't 
make you look gay" (to quote Brian Kenney Fresno).
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>>>     Rainer wrote: 
>>     You should rather not get a stick - for various reasons explained
>>     here by a looper:
>>     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ky7t0UGaYaw
>     and then wrote:
>>     For a review from one of us, read here:
>>     http://loopers-delight.com/LDarchive/200305/msg00112.html
>>     First of all as brilliant as Mr Fresno is, he is also a person
>>     with an obvious axe to grind, and you have to wonder about a guy
>>     who gets so bent out of shape (enough to devote considerable
>>     creative energy to write a song about the subject) because a
>>     designer won't make little modifications to Brian's exacting
>>     needs. You know the Stick works just fine for people like Tony
>>     Levin, Tom Greisgraber, and many many other accomplished stick
>>     players including Emmet Chapman himself who I  saw in the 70's
>>     when he was first unveiling the instrument.  So one might take
>>     what BKF says with a grain of salt. There is obviously some other
>>     agenda at play.  What ever law suit Chapman has going, there
>>     again is the intellectual property issue, Is there any argument
>>     that Chapman was the guy to originally conceive of, build, and
>>     play the instrument? I think not.
>>      Regarding quoting Rick's review, I saw the same show and I have
>>     to agree he is an astoundingly gifted musician both incredibly
>>     witty and entertaining.  But  that doesn't mean he is the
>>      definitive authority on anything. Methinks the souring of his
>>     relationship with Chapman has more to do with Mr Fresno's
>>     personality quirks than with Chapman himself. Without going in to
>>     detail lets just say that Mr Fresno brings a lot of baggage to
>>     the party and I'm not just talking about gear. Neither of these
>>     examples in my opinion is enough reason to  change your mind Jim
>>     though you might want to check out BKF because he really is
>>     amazing. But that video was low brow and mean spirited at best,
>>      but not at all surprising to me. I'm personally not of the
>>     opinion that having genius or virtuosity gives one the right to
>>     loose your humility or air your dirty laundry. 
>     Bill

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