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Re: In search for a (cheap, but as long as possible) delay with varispeed pedal,

Rick Walker said:
"I imagine you couldn't get better advice from someone like our own Per
Boysen, Rainer Straschill
or Krispen Hartung about what kind of system would help you with what you

Gosh, that makes me proud Rick, but you know how that is with
schizophrenia - sometimes your multiple personalities refuse to talk
to each other. ;)

To explain a little more about the application:
For performance (as opposed to studio work, which, I have to admit, I
don't do often enough), the multitude of different setups has changed:
Setup One: the computer setup, which uses a computer and nothing else.
This is my main setup, also used for the MoinSound Studio sessions
(and basically the developed version of what I did use in 2008 when we
did perform together).

Setup Two: the noise setup, which consists of stompboxes, a mixer and
nothing else.

(nb: the rack effects are integrated into my modest home studio).

The delay pedal I'm looking for is for setup two, obviously. That
means stompbox (or possibly small tabletop) is a requirement, and
software or fancy rack stuff (e.g. Lexicon PCM42) are out of the
However, long delay time is not so much a requirement (about one
second upward will do).
I'm aware myself of the old (80s) digitech PDS series - I used to own
the small RDS (rack version) and basically, I'm looking for something
like it, only as  pedal. Is it possible that the "old Digitechs" you
were talking about are from this series (I think they came with 1, 2,
4.5 and a whopping 8 seconds)?

Other suggestions by readers here I'd like to summarize:
Digitech DL8 and Ibanez de7...keep 'em coming, guys!